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Hey, I 'm Shenelle Rodrigo and I'm a Youtuber, Content Creator & Model



Model | Content Creator | Key Opinion Leader | Brand Ambassador | Cinematographer | Entrepreneur 



Shenelle began her modeling career at the age of 15, breaking stereotypes early on as one of Sri Lanka's first Dark skinned models. 


She went on to win the reality show ‘Making of a Model’ on Prime Time TV at 17 and thereafter represented Sri Lanka in the ‘Supermodels of Asia Pacific’ pageant hosted in Thailand in 2011. 


She went on to be the first Sri Lankan model to be featured on Vogue India’s cover in 2016, under the banner of ‘Beauty in Diversity’, further promoting the representation of women with diverse skin tones. 


Soon after, Shenelle built a content creation brand with the support of her partner Shehaan, to create cinematic videos centered around travel, lifestyle and culture. The work done in this regard not only supported key lifestyle and hospitality brands, but contributed to the general upliftment of tourism in the country. With her social media platforms becoming highly sought after by those living outside of Sri Lanka when considering a visit. 


Through a variety of high-value partnerships both locally and internationally, the brand continues to expand and thrive, utilizing the highest quality content created by a forward-thinking team that specialises in strategy and marketing. 


This website is an introduction of the work the brand continues to do, and curates the most notable contributions made to the hospitality sector, the fashion industry and the SME’s of the country. 

The brand’s mantra continues to utilise the beauty of the country, their passion for content and Shenelle’s unique personality as a platform to bring engagement from across the world.

Shenelle having High Tea in Mahiyangana


Connect with Shenelle’s Instagram page for IRL updates on where we are travelling and other exclusive lifestyle content


Over the years our Youtube platform has been growing in subscribers and our aim continues to be to provide cinematic and informative vlogs showcasing different destinations of value across the world.


Connect with Shenelle via Facebook to stay up to date with exclusive 01 minute content just for Facebook audiences on the projects the team is working on.

Tik Tok

Follow Sheneller on Tik Tok to see the creative, sassy side of this multi-faceted creator.


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Let's Connect

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

+94 779084893

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  • How can we get you visit our property and promote it on your youtube channel
    Please do reach out to us at all of the features on our youtube channel are paid promotions hence please only do reach out to us if you are willing to collaborate in a similar capacity. We are always open to alternative mutual beneficial partnerships providing it beneifts our community and our long term goals on the channel.
  • Can we hire your services to create seperate promotional material for us?
    Yes you can we have a seperate production company which is primarily geared for video production which is owned and managed by us.
  • How can I become a part of your team?
    We are in the process of building a tearm based around our production company If you'd like to work with us, please do check our the careers sections of this site for current opportunities
  • We are youtubers visiting Sri Lanka, Can we collab with you?"
    We'd love to, providing our schedules match. we are constantly on the move and confirm projects a minimum a month in advance hence we are most often not able to make sudden changes to visit and collaborate. Saying that we are eager to showcase our beautiful island to your audience, so please do drop us a mail with your intended dates and lets see if we can make it happen.
  • I have a question, how can I reach your team?
    The questions we have been receiving with regards to Sri Lankan Travel has been overwhelming. Please do drop us an email with your questions to and we will address your query on this FAQ section for the benefit of other travellers.
  • Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka in 2022?
    Yes it is safe to visit Sri Lanka in 2022, the entire island is open to tourists with little to no restrictions for a fully vaccinated traveller. Due to the nature of the ongoing economic crisis it is always recommended following local news agencies to stay up to date as the current situation. 13/05/2022 - Update The economic crisis in Sri Lanka has affected the steady supplies of some essential goods, as well as power & transport on the island. If you are planning to backpack or travel on a budget across Sri Lanka this may be a bit more challenging in the current climate, however if you are booking a tour via a tour agent (With a chaueffuer guide to drive you and staying at star class hotels) you will not feel the impact of the crisis as severely. Sri Lanka is still a beautiful and safe country to visit, with the current depreciation of the local currency the cost of food & transport has gotten significantly lower from a tourist point of view (when comparing with the rest of Asia). If you consider yourself and adventurer and want to explore an island only a few would explore at this given point in time. Sri Lanka is the ideal place! 02/06/2022 As Sri Lanka has now come to a standstill without Fuel. We would definitely recommend postponing your trip to sri lanka atm untill the situation on the ground improves. Make sure you are following us on youtube to see the what it is like to travel in Sri Lanka currently.
  • Can the team recommend an itinerary for me?
    We do not offer this service free of charge at this point, but we are working on solutions to provide you this service cost effectively and in an engaged manner. Feel free to ask us any specific questions you may have and we will answer then via this section in due course.
  • Is public transport still operating despite curfews?
    The public transport does operate during curfew however it would be a lot hard to navigate as the scedules are not on time and you would need to speak with locals to find out when the trains or busses would be in operation. as of now (Mid May 2022) it is best to travel around Sri Lanka with a chaeuffuer guide who would not only ensure that your travels do not get affected by petrol cues etc. but also be a local on the ground who could keep you updated on things as and when they change. If you are on a tight schedule (2 weeks trip that required moving around quite frequently) it is best to go the route of booking a chaueffuer guide at this moment. untill there is a clear sign that the curfew's have stopped.
  • Are tour operators open through the curfew? Do we need to book tourist sites in advance
    The tour operators will be open and easily contactable through out the week no matter what the situation on the ground is (they are waiting for your call :) ) . They will also be able to work and take tourists on guides/tours. even during the height of the pandemic the government did not shut this vital sector down as it plays an important role in ensuring the tourism sector functions as smooth as possible. As of now (May 2022) Tourist sites do not need to be booked in advance. and tourists can visit the sites and purchase tickets directly (Again it is best to check this the day before to be sure that the specific site you are visiting is open and that they are issueing tickets.
  • Should we postpone our travel to Sri Lanka (May 2022)
    This is based on your appetite for adventure. If you are the kind of person that cannot tolerate a power cut, delay or diversion in plans then perhaps it might be best to postpone your trip to Sri lanka. Given the current situation and the way things have been the past few months Sri lanka has proved to be one of those destinations that you cant be sure what to expect. The one thing you can expect and be guaranteed of getting no matter what. our warm smiles, amazing landscapes and lifetime worth of experiences. Electricity, Fuel, and imported food items are a scarce commodity. If you are a digital nomad this could be a serious problem depending on the type of accomodation you chose to stay at. if you are doing a 2 week trip. very little changes from our experience of speaking to travelers.
  • What are the best Beaches to Visit in Sri Lanka (Jan -March 2022)
    The South Coast of Sri Lanka is in its peak season and we'd reccomend checking out the following places for different vibes. Weligama/Mirissa - Surf/ Yoga/ Cafe Culture/Whale Watching Galle - Surf/ Shopping/History/Culture/Whale Watching Hikkaduwa - Snorkeling/ Sun bathing/ Swimming Bentota - Water sports/ Sun Bathing
  • Do you have special deals with the Hotels which you feature on your vlogs?
    Yes we do have special discounts we have negotiated with the hotels that we are currently working with. We are also negotiating with the rest of them as we speak. Please do sign up to our members zone to see the current deals available.
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