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Exploring Passikuda: One of Lanka’s Not-So-Hidden Gems

Why Passikuda?

It’s not an unknown fact that Sri Lanka’s beaches are breathtakingly beautiful; the bright blue waters and the calming sound of the splashing waves make them irresistible. There’s no doubt you’ll find yourself yearning to be back long after you’ve left. However, with extremely popular tourist destinations like Galle, Mirissa, and Hikkaduwa located along the country’s West Coast taking up the limelight usually, the pristine East Coast is relatively undiscovered. One such place, in particular, that does not get enough praise is Passikuda.

Beaches of Passikuda
Beaches of Passikuda

A relatively quiet coastal town, Passikuda is approximately 300km outside Colombo (roughly a 6-hour drive) and has much to offer from white, sandy beaches to calm, flat and shallow waters, making it perfect for kids to venture into and for even those afraid of swimming in deep waters. Aside from its entrancing surroundings, there are quite a few up and coming resorts in the area, which means you’ll have accommodation options aplenty.

Our Stay

Our journey to Passikuda was hosted by the renowned Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa by Theme Resorts. They were the first resort to open up there and have been around since 2011. Inspired by the traditional ‘Waadiya’ of the local fishing village, the vast property boasts of a huge infinity pool merely meters away from the sea and rustic ocean-view chalets which serve as guest rooms.

Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa, Passikuda
Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa, Passikuda

Things To Do

Getting right down to business, we set out on our first activity not too long after our arrival at the resort. What better way to explore the little coastal village than on a bicycle, which they have available for rent. While we cycled through the still, earthy village roads, we stumbled upon the bay area where the local fishermen go out to sea. As you approach, you’re greeted by the view of an assortment of multi coloured boats beached along the shore.

Not unlike the popular and nearby Arugam Bay, Passikuda is a fishing village but seems more peaceful and calmer than the former. We had the privilege of meeting some of these fishermen, and a very interesting conversation with them revealed that these men, regardless of their religious beliefs, pray at the Hindu and Christian shrines adjacent to this area before setting out to sea. This goes to show the sense of unity as well as togetherness among these locals. What struck a chord with us was that the notion behind this was so that they had a deity to pray to and worship before they go about risking their lives on a daily basis in order to earn a living.

Fast forward to the early morning hours of the next day, the sunrise we witnessed would have left anyone speechless. The bright colours painted across the sky were simply mesmerizing and it was one of the best sunrises we’d ever seen. While this spectacle was an added bonus, the reason we were up so early was because of a much-awaited snorkeling session with the YouTube-famous Digital Nomads, Johnny FD and Christina! A quick boat ride through the serene morning sea transported us to Kayankerni Reef, all whilst taking in the sunrise in the backdrop. Little did we know how much more stunning the view underwater would be.

Sri Lanka’s East Coast is known to be abundant with a multitude of colourful marine life. Spots like Trincomalee’s Pigeon Island are well known for this and draw in large crowds precisely for this reason. However, did you know that Kayankerni Reef is quite similar and is home to quite a few schools and varieties of colourful fish? Snorkelling in those calm, azure waters was a unique experience we are grateful to have had. The Kayankerni reef was recently declared a protected marine sanctuary by the government of Sri Lanka and really is one of the best we have seen on the island.

Upon our return to the resort, we were undoubtedly exhausted after the early wake-up call and morning activities, which meant a rejuvenating nap was next on our to-do list. Thereafter, we indulged in Maalu Maalu’s exquisite lunch buffet! The rest of the day was spent exploring the resort area, snagging a few photo-ops on the grand property and sipping tropical cocktails by the beach.

Come night time, the resort had a romantic beachside dinner for two set up for us (which they gladly upgraded to a romantic dinner for four, so that Johnny and Christina could join us!). The whole set-up coupled with the calming sounds of the lapping waves is ideal if you’re on the lookout for honeymoon destinations on our beautiful island or even if you’re just hoping to make a romantic getaway with your significant other.

Day 2 brought about another early start, but we weren’t complaining because we were beginning the day with a yoga session by the beach! Picture this; the rising sun in front of you, soft sand under your bare feet, ocean breeze on your skin, alongside the peaceful sounds of the sea. Could you think of a more perfect setting for a yoga session? We didn’t think so. That session left us with a very zen state of mind, and the ideal way to follow it up was to have a sunrise sea bath. So we seized the opportunity, bringing us to our last few hours at Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa.

Nonetheless, before hitting the road, we decided to make a quick stop at the resort’s spa to get a relaxing foot massage. “Ayurvie Spa” provides neck, shoulder and foot massages, which is the cherry on top for a relaxing getaway in Passikuda!

Wrapping Up

All in all, Passikuda was nothing short of amazing, and if you’re hoping to swing by and experience the magic of this East Coast paradise, we’d recommend staying at Maalu Maalu without any hesitation! From their service, the rooms and the delicious food, to the numerous activities the resort had, everything was impeccable. The best time to visit would undeniably be during the season which is from May to September. While the rest of Sri Lanka experiences monsoonal rains, Passikuda offers a calm and flat sea that resembles a vast pool that stretches to the horizon. It’s absolutely stunning and can even be compared to the likes of the Maldives! It does get a tad hot during the day between 11 am and 3 pm, but a dip in the pool or better yet, the sea, will easily resolve that.

Here’s hoping the story of our experience in stunning Passikuda has you planning for your next trip here!

Check out our full vlog for a real in-depth experience here:

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