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Sri Lanka - The first country to visit once this pandemic ends!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Look, let’s be honest, we’re all at our wits end. This pandemic has literally stopped us in our tracks and has us frothing at the mouth for a change, a new perspective and venturing into the unknown. With light finally beginning to shine at the end of this long tunnel, maybe it’s time to make a long extended commitment to a holiday!

With ample options to choose from, let’s check the top travel must-haves off the list!

✔️ Somewhere warm and sunny

✔️ Secluded beaches and plenty of water sports for frolicking around in

✔️ Nature and wildlife to immerse myself in the great outdoors

✔️ Trekking and camping under the stars

✔️ Somewhere historical and culturally interesting

Looks like we’ve checked all the boxes! Sri Lanka it is! Here’s more on why you ought to think about Sri Lanka being at the top of your travel list.

A More Secluded Adventure

It’s no secret that Asia’s been a key travel region, with its historical mystique, decidedly different daily routines, mixed in with a new-wave of cosmopolitan accessibility for good measure. Sri Lanka has been a late entrant into the tourism sector as it only really opened up to tourism in the last two decades, owing to a civil war that lasted for many years. The result is a relatively quieter experience. If the wariness of this pandemic is still wearing off, and the thought of sitting on a jam-packed beach still weighs heavy on your chest, then maybe a more secluded adventure waits for you on this sunny island. Even pre-pandemic, Sri Lanka was a well-kept secret for many years, with only the most adventurous travelers venturing to its shores. However, it did gain quite a lot of popularity in the past five years, making sure that the economy and local businesses seeing a boom like never before. Many restaurants, boutique property / concept hotels and travel experience companies were set up making travel within the island more accessible. With the opening up of borders, we reckon Sri Lanka has immense potential.

More Bang for the Buck

We admit that Sri Lanka’s accommodation and food can be on the pricier side than most of its regional competitors. However, on closer inspection, you’ll notice that the amenities provided and the quality of your experience is most likely to be more bang for its buck. The travel industry is starving for you, so you’ll benefit from some banging deals that you probably won’t stumble upon later on in the year.

More than just a beach vacation

Most people think of the wide sandy beaches when they think of Sri Lanka. But there’s so much to our country than just your traditional beach vacation. Just looking at Sri Lanka’s ranging topography will help you understand this better. We have chilly mountain climes, cool low lying hills, fiery cultural hotspots in the center of the island and the relatively untouched East Coast. You’ll have to make sure to pack for all possible climes and this just means more adventure.

More History and Culture to discover

To think this little island has over 2500 years of recorded history is mind boggling! For all history buffs out there, that’s lots of ancient temples, museum and history to uncover and delve into! With links to Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and later colonial influences bringing in the influence of Catholicism, the cities and towns are a melting pot of architectural marvels, that mirror the confluence of all these religions and cultures through the years.

More Delicious

We can’t promise much, but this we can – Sri Lankan cuisine is probably more delicious than that salad you’re tucking into whilst reading this. This newly trending cuisine carries flavors that are a testament to the countries richness. We have heavy spices introduced into the cuisine from the spice trade over the years, delicious fresh seafood from the waters that surround, healthy vegetarian cuisine with roots to traditional Ayurvedic recipes and fresh tropical fruit for days- what more do you need really?

With a whole variety of travel adventures dotted around this island, it’s clear that Sri Lanka has more than meets the eye! This is why, we’re putting Sri Lanka on the top of our travel destinations. We’d suggest you should too! This blog post is apart of our "This is Sri Lanka" initiative that began a little over two and a half years ago. The intent was to showcase the lesser known gems found all over the island and share a locals perspective with those hoping to visit Sri Lanka. Over that last few years, the This is Sri Lanka initiative has seen collaboration with like minded bloggers, celebrities and companies who have banded together to create an informative and uplifting travel series about the island to showcase its many possibilities. Created and hosted by Shenelle and Shehaan, Make sure you head over to our Youtube Channel to view over 25 Cinematic travel vlogs we've created around Sri Lanka in the past year.

If you'd like to support our intiative and stay informed of next adventure do subscribe to our channel and check out our limited edition merchandise to promote Sri Lanka Tourism.

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