Things to do in Trincomalee in the Lap of Luxury at Uga Jungle Beach

Along the northeastern shores of Sri Lanka lies the picture-perfect town of Trincomalee, captivating countless visitors from around the island and world. This is largely owing to its alluring features including monumental religious sites, locations of historic significance, and of course, golden beaches with sparkling waters in a myriad of blue shades.

Looking for hotels in Trincomalee for a much needed tropical getaway? Uga Jungle Beach is high on our list of recommendations!

Why Choose Uga Jungle Beach?

Tucked away in the quiet coastal town of Kuchchaveli, Trincomalee is the breathtaking Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes resort. This high-end property boasts of a private beach, sprawling jungle, relaxing spa, together with luxurious, modern cabins that are artistically built to blend in with the surrounding nature, making it a secluded yet lavish getaway!

Much like the other Uga Escapes resorts, Uga Jungle Beach is respectfully spread across vast, lush acres immersed in nature, and is reminiscent of a massive treehouse. It is an ideal location to experience a great deal of what Trinco has to offer as it’s near spots where you can go whale and dolphin watching, snorkeling, diving, and is a short drive away from the city which is in close proximity to places like the Portuguese-built Fort Frederick, Trincomalee War Cemetery and much more.

Accommodation at Uga Jungle Beach

As you’d expect, the accommodation at Uga Jungle Beach is top-notch! We had a wonderful time staying in a splendid Beach Cabin during our time at Jungle Beach. The cabin is topped with a thatched roof, giving it a very “beach-hut” feel, but once you open the doors and walk in, you do so to an interior that’s spacious, luxurious and so in sync with nature! The beds are the most comfortable things you’ll ever lay on and are guaranteed to give almost anyone a good night’s (or day’s) sleep.

One of our favorite features of the cabin was the outdoor shower. With trees all around and the sounds of nature serenading you, a shower out there will easily make you feel like you’re cooling off in the middle of the jungle!

Another very cool trait of this particular type of cabin at Uga Jungle Beach is that each one has its own sandy walkway leading to the private beach where you can take a dip in the sea, lounge on the shore while sipping on a cocktail and admiring a colorful sunset, or enjoy a signature beachfront dining experience under a sky full of stars.

Things To Do In Trincomalee

Before we dive (pun intended) into this list, here’s a tip; one thing to be mindful of in Trincomalee is the blistering heat during the day! Keeping that in mind, we'd suggest lining up your activities before 10 am and after 3 pm. You can pass away the afternoon away with a relaxing siesta!

1. Diving in the Blue Waters of Trinco

Diving in the ocean is one of the most coveted things to do in Trincomalee thanks to the mesmerizing underwater ecosystem in the area. You can easily see quite a variety of sea-life and colorful corals even when you snorkel, but diving opens up the door to a whole new world!

It's super important that you go with experienced licensed divers when you go diving, especially if you have little to no experience yourself because things can go horribly wrong in many different ways if you don't.

If you’re looking for a good diving center to go with, we absolutely recommend Epic Ocean Adventures! They are the only local PADI certified Dive Center in Trinco, and their team is beyond amazing. We couldn’t have picked anyone better than our instructor/ guide, Ram; he trained us so well, calmed us down and made us feel extremely safe when all sorts of phobias started creeping in. He also showed us sea-life like never before! We spotted a Spotted Moray Eel during our dive!

We spotted a Spotted Moray Eel during our dive! We set out on our diving adventures at around 7.30 am, which is a great time to start as the sea is usually nice and calm in the mornings.

2. Girihadu Seya

Situated in Thiriyai, Trincomalee, Girihadu Seya is a revered temple surrounded by dense greenery. It is widely known as one of the world's first stupas and is a frequently visited site as it also houses sacred relics of Lord Buddha. Moreover, you'll find rock inscriptions in ancient languages narrating historic stories connected to Buddhism at Girihadu Seya.

We highly recommend visiting this temple in the early morning hours so you can enjoy the serene atmosphere alongside an east coast sunrise. If you’re a fan of yoga and/or meditation, this is a spot you’ll appreciate as it’s very quiet, calm and almost urges one to slow down and just breathe.