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Can you travel around Sri Lanka? Yes but..

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The answer is YES (as of 20/07/2022)! however, it is not as straightforward as you may like it to be and we advise you to be ready for a few hiccups along the way. Sri Lanka's Economic crisis has been evolving at a rapid pace. currently, there are massive fuel cues for locals which take as long as 3 days to pump half a tank. However, the government of Sri Lanka along with the tourism board have been taking steps to ensure the tourism industry (Which is so vital for our recovery) is able to run as smoothly as possible for tourists planning to visit Sri Lanka and enjoy the paradise whilst supporting the local economy. Stay tuned to our social channels for a more comprehensive update on how things are currently on the ground. Many of you asked us for details of travel agents/tourism vendors who are able to provide transport for tourists.

Given below are a few options as suggested to us by our awesome community on Instagram.

Name of Organization


Phone Number

Connaissance De Ceylan

94 114 706400

Walkers Tours

94 768 511264

Jetwing Travels

94 112 345700

Classic Travels

94 117 773300

Aitken Spence

94 115 308308

Red Dot Tours

94 117 895 810

Sri Lanka InStyle

94 112 396 666


​94 112 795 378

D S Gunasekera

94 772 648010

Travel Treasures

Nkar Travel

94 112 564584

Ceylon Roots

94 117 701425

Ceylon heritage tours

94 772 349577

Yamuna Tours

94 112 811230

Asian Travels

94 777 891851

Sri Lanka Travel Secrets

Ceylon Tours

94 115 531611

The Island Story

We Stay Ceylon

Blue Lanka Tours

The Fabulous Getaway

Michelle Tours

Green Isle Tours

Please note that whilst many may guarantee uninterrupted fuel for the journey it is best to prepare yourself for a few roadblocks along the way as the systems are still being finetuned to ensure tourists get fuel priority around the island.

This blog was created to simply pass on the information to any tourists that may be interested. 

we are not affiliated with any of the above-mentioned organizations and bear no responsibility for their services offered.

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