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Sheneller! OFFICIALLY the Ambassador for Sri Lanka Tourism on Youtube.

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

From unofficially positioning ourselves to be ambassadors. to now actually being appointed by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions bureau. here's everything you need to know.

Sheneller Rodrgo, Sheneller,

It's been a long time coming and something we've been working towards for the past 5 years! and today we are thrilled to share with you all that Sheneller is the first " Official" Sri Lanka Tourism Ambassador on Youtube

The ambassadorship, for which we submitted our bid in January 2022 and won in January 2023, was a public tender (SLTPB/PROC/2021/NCB/35) aimed at developing local social media travel creators to help promote Sri Lanka Tourism.

This is the first time a social media personality has been offered the opportunity to work on a long-term basis with the SLTPB/Ministry of Tourism, and now that we've finally made it happen we want to ensure that it is done right and in a transparent manner that would benefit the entire industry.

Through this contract, we are obligated to create 12 long-format YouTube videos promoting destinations and experiences in Sri Lanka on our @sheneller YouTube page and to also provide 12 short videos for promotional use by the SLTPB, along with performance reports for each campaign.

The campaign we have agreed to produce (providing all filming approvals are obtained), with the consent of the SLTPB, is focused on promoting the national parks of Sri Lanka. The series, which will be filmed and published over the course of 2023, will focus on creating an online narrative for the lesser-known national parks in Sri Lanka with the aim of spreading tourism across the island. National Parks we intend to Cover through this series (Providing filming approvals are obtained)

1. Udawalawe National Park 2. Kumana National Park

3. Pigeon Island National Park

4. Horton Plains National Park

5. Somawathiya National Park

6. Muthurajawala National Park

7. Sinharaja National Park 8. Wasgamuwa National Park 9. Bundala National Park

10. Galway National Park

11. Chundikulum National park 12. Minneriya National

Our plans for 2023

In addition to this series, which will be funded through the ambassador program by the SLPTB, we will also be working on several other campaigns to promote Sri Lanka to the world through our existing partnership model with the private sector.

Some of the other campaigns we will be working on in 2023 outside the SLTPB ambassadorship program include:

  1. The Industries of Sri Lanka - Highlighting captivating stories of Sri Lanka's export industries.

  2. Wellness Tourism in Sri Lanka - Shedding light on the ancient wellness practices and unique tourism offerings of Sri Lanka.

  3. The Best of Geoffrey Bawa - A comprehensive look into the work of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa.

  4. Exploring Colombo - A destination campaign to re-positions Colombo's offering to tourists.

  5. Train Journeys of Sri Lanka - Experiential vlogs of train rides in Sri Lanka and what to expect.

We couldn't have done it without you

Finally, a huge thank you to all our subscribers, partners, and well-wishers for their support in achieving this historic milestone in our journey. We are honored and overjoyed to be recognized for our work and given the opportunity to expand further. If any of you would like to assist us or partner with us in taking Sri Lanka to the world. please do get in touch with us at Can you become an ambassador too? Yes indeed! the SLTPB is actively looking to build on this initiative and will be announcing more opportunities for Creators/influencers to work with them via their platforms. If you'd like a heads up from us make sure you Sign up to our mailing and let us know in your interest.

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